Odessa Horse and Pony Club

Helping out


The Odessa Horse and Pony Club is always looking for new members & volunteers!  The show runs by people who are willing to set time aside to help make the shows run smoothly and successful whether it be having a specific role in helping run the show (announcer/gate operator/secretary etc) or simply volunteering the day of the show(setting up jumps/giving out ribbons).  


If you are looking for something to do over the summer to give back to the community and have a ton of fun this is the community to be a part of, especially if you have a love for horses.  All ages are welcome!


There are several meetings throughout the show season to bring out new ideas, organize the event & determine who will be given a certain role.  


There is no experience needed, although if you do it's always a plus!


We will be happy to log hours for those looking for volunteer hours! 


If you are interested in taking part in the Odessa Horse and Pony Club or have any questions for 2017 please email ohpc@live.ca!